Apache Web Server Monitoring

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Deep Apache web server monitoring allows to reveal some inner details (configuration, status, performance, error statistics) of Apache HTTP Server. Those details are available via SNMP in the presence of Mod-Apache-Snmp module.

To enable Apache monitoring:

Install Mod-Apache-Snmp module into the Apache web server if it's not installed yet

Make sure that APACHE2-MIB file exist in the MIB directory (it's actually included in standard AggreGate Network Manager package and loaded by default)

Add a Network Host device via discovery or manually

Make sure that APACHE-MIB is checked in device assets (it's actually checked by default)

Wait until the device synchronizes (switches into Online, Synchronized mode indicated by st_device_21 icon)

AggreGate Network Manager provides several tools for Apache web server monitoring out-of-the-box as described in the subsections below:

Apache Dashboard

Apache Alerts