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IoT Solutions for Agriculture

Agriculture: motor vehicles and agricultural machinery monitoring, managing sorting, storage and processing of raw materials

Demand for goods of agricultural enterprises is constantly growing to keep up with the world population growth. At the same time the development of the industry enterprises assumes not just horizontal scaling but also a way to increase efficiency. With the development of information technologies, emergence of new low-cost and reliable communication channels as well as electronics development, agriculture throughout the world is undergoing a real revolution. In order to increase efficiency, the latest technologies are being introduced everywhere, and more and more processes are being automated.

Products based on a unified AggreGate IoT platform are able to automate a lot of agricultural processes, increasing efficiency and ultimately leading to financial performance improvement.

Motor Vehicles and Agricultural Machinery Monitoring

AggreGate Fleet Manager provides end-to-end agricultural fleet control of any size:


  • Automatic registration of car operation modes
  • Control over travel speed and route
  • Tracking driver rest time, vehicle downtime
  • Recording petroleum, oil and lubricant levels
  • Automatic calculation of maintenance intervals


  • Tracking working hours of tractor drivers and machinery
  • Keeping record of fuel and other technical fluid consumption
  • Monitoring serviceability, operation modes, state of suspension mechanisms
  • Following tractor location using GLONASS/GPS


  • Recording working hours of combine operators and machinery
  • Monitoring compliance with the work schedule
  • Managing combine location in the field
  • Taking record of harvested crops
  • Controlling harvested crops discharge
  • Determining area yield levels based on bunkerage data

Managing Sorting, Storage and Processing of Raw Materials

Proper storage and processing of agricultural products significantly reduces loss of raw materials or their depreciation. Automating such processes as cleaning, sorting, and processing can significantly increase the shelf life of crops as well as lower personnel costs.

AggreGate performs the following tasks:

  • Full climate control in storage facilities
  • Managing temperature and humidity in storage facilities
  • Monitoring the carbon dioxide level in rooms and containers
  • Automatic control of size, weight and other crop characteristics
  • Automatic sorting and separation of low-quality raw materials
  • Recording amount of raw materials

Precision Farming and Sensor Networks

AggreGate makes it possible to perform remote monitoring and control of soil, plants and animals, irrigation management, feeding and other processes. This is possible due to using multiple sensors integrated into one sensor network.


  • Monitoring soil mineralization and moisture
  • Tracking cattle and small cattle location and state
  • Controlling plant lighting
  • Managing watering and feeding mechanisms

Process Control

AggreGate SCADA/HMI provides supervision and collection of technological information from the systems for storing and initial processing of agricultural products. Other modules allow the platform to implement MES, EAM and technological information control system functionality, or to provide seamless integration with other external systems of the same class.

Other Solutions

AggreGate's scope is not limited to the listed solutions. In addition to the above, it is possible to monitor IT infrastructure and business services of large agricultural holdings using AggreGate Network Manager, arrange resource accounting (automated system of electric power technical record-keeping/automated system for commercial accounting of power consumption) using AggreGate Meter Reading, as well as implementat any non-standard solutions based on the underlying IoT integration AggreGate platform.

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