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IoT Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

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AggreGate Platform and derived products cover diverse areas of manufacturing process automation and supervision, starting from field level and up to integration with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Feasibility of AggreGate product suite covers:

AggreGate provides instant control and manufacturing intelligence to CEOs, plant managers, production line supervisors and supply chain managers. This pays back with reduced operational costs, improved mean time to repair, increased profitability, higher ROI, and other long-term business benefits.

AggreGate SCADA/HMI, a manufacturing intelligence solution based on AggreGate Platform, acquires manufacturing data from a plant-floor and translates it into valuable data source for decision makers at the enterprise and business level. Coordinating interoperability of disparate devices and data sources, AggreGate SCADA/HMI visualizes data from multiple technological processes into dashboards, reports and HMIs. Manufacturers can then make informed improvements to their processes to move toward operational excellence.

For large multi-site manufacturing companies, AggreGate product suite provides an umbrella operations coverage from production process automation to quality analysis, maintenance, asset management, inventory and material management.

Manufacturing Domains

Specific manufacturing areas have their own peculiarities of AggreGate SCADA/HMI system operation:

  • Automotive industry references embrace automation of stamping, welding, painting, assembly, as well as forwarding field data to quality control, logistics and other MES/ERP systems.
  • Semiconductor and electronics manufacturers employ SCADA/HMI solution for epitaxial process monitoring, post residues removal control, gas impurity alerting, device testing automation, OEE reporting, and more.
  • For food and beverage sector, typical process control applications include recipy management, filling, bottling, wrapping, packaging, and allergen tracing. And of course, all common objectives such as change over management, machine environment monitoring, control of tank levels, drives, valves and pumps, as well as quality assurance are also covered.


In addition to automation of a discrete manufacturing process, AggreGate SCADA/HMI can handle and enhance your packaging technology.

  • Accumulation. Monitor upstream and downstream conveyor status. Prevent machine downtime, blocking and starving. Share performance information. Log and visualize buffer size.
  • Blister/Vacuum Forming. Monitor pressure, temperature, humidity, heat zones, operator activity and other traceable metrics. Enable quick product changeover. Get custom reports.
  • Capping. Improve efficiency of a manual, automatic and semi-automatic capping process. Proactively identify and address quality issues. Control KPIs of cap feeder, sorter, etc.
  • Cartoning. Concentrate information produced by feeder, drives, lubrication systems, and guarding/safety systems. Deploy multiple touch panels for controlling individual sections of a machine. Reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Case/Tray Processing. Enable monitoring for case/tray forming, gluing, folding, wrapping and strapping. Ensure smoothless line operation.
  • Conveyor/Material Handling. Create modular and extendable conveyor architectures. Display data acquired directly from drives and field controllers. Share status information with other controllers without additional gateway hardware. Provide remote status monitoring, as well as alarm forwarding to external systems or mobile phones.
  • Feeding. Fine-tune standalone or multi-lane feeders. Adjust vibration frequencies, directions, feed rates, and advanced parameters. Animate the feeding process to provide visual feedback for operators for adjustment facilitation. Reduce product changeover time.
  • Forming/Filling/Sealing. Change bag length, rate, seal time, weight, and gas dispensing parameters. Visualize data from process controller, checkweigher and inspection equipment, including metal detectors and vision systems, on a single HMI. Coordinate product change over. Employ handshaking and communication with upstream systems to ensure incorrectly filled bags.
  • Inspection. Communicate with any inspection equipment via industry standards, eliminating expensive specialized interfaces. Combine metal detection tunnels with vision and X-ray systems on a single interface. Raise visual, audible and remote alarms.
  • Labeling. Integrate barcode, QR code and RFID tag printers into operation. Get instant data from scanners to get rid of any guesswork. Upload data into MES and BI systems. Provide a common interface for serving different key customers.
  • Wrapping. Control shrink wrap tunnels used for pallet wrapping. Create high-usability displays that communicate with any temperature controllers.

Remote Monitoring and Service for Manufacturing Equipment Vendors

Automation and manufacturing equipment vendors face a unique set of challenges when it comes to servicing their systems. Every minute of system downtime can slow down or even halt operation of a whole plant, resulting in serious revenue loss.

In addition, the knowledge required for qualified support of complicated manufacturing control systems can often be hardly found within an enterprise.

And finally, factory management tend to see equipment vendors as partners in optimizing and improving overall quality KPIs of the manufacturing process.

Therefore, vendors of complicated equipment tend to provide optional or require mandatory remote monitoring and service for their systems.

AggreGate Platform is a leading remote monitoring and service solution for process automation and manufacturing systems OEMs. Designed to manage complicated mission critical systems, AggreGate allows product manufacturers to provide remote services for diverse products ranging from simple drives up to complex production lines.

AggreGate's data storage, processing and visualization tools help system vendors to capture and analyze efficiency of equipment usage and, thus, provide valuable advice on optimization of manufacturing processes operated by their customers.

In short, here's what AggreGate Platform can offer for vendors in the process automation and manufacturing arena:

  • Maximization of system KPIs by proactive problem prevention
  • Visualization of real-time diagnostic data acquired from equipment deployed at customer sites
  • Reduction of field service costs by remote service implementation
  • Development of new services helping your customers to improve plant operation efficiency
  • Maintenance of complete inventory and configuration information for deployed equipment

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