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IoT Solutions for Power Engineering

AggreGate SCADA/HMI. A flexible and secure supervisory control system for the power distribution industry

Power generation and delivery has passed through a series of transformations over the past few decades. The industry was de-regulated in many countries, and the grid endured further decentralization. Transmission and distribution technologies got more complicated, and most tactical switching decisions are taken by field equipment without human interaction, yielding supervisory role to system operators.

New governmental regulations face overall system security, safety and reliability, while commercial environment demands further optimization of the grid performance.

AggreGate SCADA/HMI and other AggreGate-based products recognize a wide range of power engineering tasks and offer a cost-effective solution for diverse energy management objectives:

  • Vendor-agnostic supervisory control for power generation facilities
  • Remote monitoring and automation of substations
  • Near-real-time visualization and profiling for smart grid
  • Advanced energy metering and statistical reporting
  • Usage analytics, supply and demand management
  • Centralized monitoring for hybrid power units

Grid Power

AggreGate SCADA/HMI is a flexible and secure supervisory control system for the power distribution industry. The system can interface virtually any PLC and RTU, as well as tightly integrate with existing automation systems. A wide range of supported protocols ensure that even the most sophisticated intelligent meter will be connected.

Grid operators having a large number of similar substations have an option to create a reference project modeling a typical substation. Multiple AggreGate servers operating different substations can be joined into a distributed peering network and coordinated through a central server. The primary server will also consolidate all statistical data for reporting purposes.

AggreGate contributes to optimization of the grid performance, visually rendering the bottlenecks and allowing to set up alerts, reports and HMIs that consider economical effectiveness of operations and improve decision making.

Solar and Wind Power

Solar and wind power network operators face a necessity for remote unattended supervision of a large set of similar generation units. In most cases, data it being collected via GPRS/radio modems rather than direct network connection. Areas where AggreGate can help include templated substantion automation, demand change response, distribution automation, energy theft prevention, secure SCADA, what-if analysis, and monitoring of the network.

Wind Power Management

  • Umbrella wind farm control
  • Monitoring turbine parameters including power output, battery status, shaft vibration, pitch/yaw setpoints and current alerts
  • Remote service and maintenance assistance via centralized alert reporting
  • Central control room services such as visualization of wind forecast, anemometer readings and gust information
  • Historical farm performance reporting

Solar Power Management

  • Overall solar farm management
  • Field-level monitoring down to individual cells
  • Control of cell status and angles
  • Adoption to any vendor-specific technologies
  • Remote monitoring and service for smaller farms
  • Centralized data storage and reporting

Hybrid Power

AggreGate can provide centralized real-time monitoring, performance optimization analytics and logistics for companies operating hybrid power units. Those units normally handle complicated switching logic maintaining balance between usage of grid power, diesel-generated power, solar and wind power, and accumulated energy. Installed in remote locations for serving geographically disparate telecom sites, those units expose multiple control setpoints and statistical usage metrics, allowing centralized status visualization and reporting, as well as real-time alert dispatching through SMS and email messages.

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