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Retail and Wholesale Automation

Retail and Wholesale Automation. Converged monitoring of corporate IT infrastructure

AggreGate makes big technology a reality for retailers offering a complete retail automation solution for your business. It covers both standard IT infrastructure management objectives and industry-specific issues, such as POS monitoring and online trade automation.

Monitoring and Integration

We are providing you with any of the following depending on your specific business needs:

  • Converged monitoring of corporate IT infrastructure
  • Custom POS monitoring
  • Templated store building automation
  • Digital signage and self-service kiosk management
  • Tight integration with access control, security, and video monitoring systems
  • Integration with sensor-based and camera-based people and vehicle counting systems

In addition, the system covers fleet management and monitoring, including:

  • GPS/GLONASS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Remote vehicle metric tracking
  • Integration of fleet maps into situation center dashboards

By installing a dedicated inexpensive local integration server in each store, you benefit from tracking:

  • POS statistics
  • IT infrastructure health trends
  • HVAC/lighting/energy data
  • Attendance data

Centralized Monitoring

AggreGate is one of the few systems in the world supporting true distributed architecture. Your corporate command and control center having one or several first-tier servers can be connected with per-store servers via AggreGate. That is how the centralized near-real-time monitoring, situation management and reporting become available in your corporate HQ.

The basic features available for your business excellence team include:

  • Deep monitoring of standard and company-specific enterprise applications and business services
  • Modeling of custom company-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by automated processing of performance metrics collected from diverse systems of a retail network
  • Any scenarios of northbound integration (data injection) into ERP, service desk, warehouse/logistics, inventory and stock, finances and accounting, and other Business Intelligence (BI) systems
  • Centralized alarm and incident management for all business edges, from unit broken/damaged alerts up to predicted company-wide SLA violation measured by averaging queue wait times
  • Proactive monitoring of online, mobile and fixed PoS application performance
  • PCI compliance tracking by providing centralized equipment configuration management

Online Sales Monitoring

The system can be also employed for end-to-end monitoring of an online sales chain, guaranteeing:

  • Pro-active monitoring of server and IT equipment health
  • Detailed monitoring of web store applications and underlying databases
  • Customer experience tracking via automated browser-driver order/purchase scenario tracing

AggreGate is here to provide operational excellence for your retail IT team.

Digital Signage and Self-Service Kiosk Management

AggreGate offers centralized vendor-agnostic control, configuration and management services for diverse digital signage equipment and self-service kiosks installed in retail stores:

  • Content distribution and management
  • Centralized schedule configuration
  • Full integration into company's global situation centre
  • Custom equipment monitoring (agent-based and agentless)
  • Real-time operations control

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