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Why Become a Partner?


Tibbo is a trusted vendor of software and hardware for the IoT and digital enterprises. We serve a diverse global customer base, including small, medium and large-sized enterprises together with many governmental and educational institutions. Several thousand customers in more than 100 countries rely on our technology. This translates into an incredibly developed partner ecosystem and a superb growth record.


Tibbo is interested in showing you how devoted we are to our partners. Our channel and alliance partner programs are of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that as a partner you will be provided with all tools necessary to make the most of your relationship with Tibbo and help growing your existing and prospective customer base. We know that we can do so much more together.


Tibbo understands that in today's competitive international technology market only the companies tirelessly striving for better will succeed. At the heart of Tibbo's success lies the unrelenting spirit of innovation. Tibbo's solutions are prized for their cutting edge quality and ease of use. As a partner, you can trust Tibbo continually seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of demanding IT and automation professionals.

Market Opportunities

Market opportunities in the era of e-business are increasingly heterogeneous and call for new tools and strategies to automate operations, boost system reliability and reduce infrastructure costs. That's why our enterprise digitalization solutions have recently seen an explosive demand. And this trend is likely to continue.

Experts predict that the IoT market will grow to $3 trillion worldwide by 2020. Clearly, the stakes are high. By teaming up with us you can play a full role in an exciting bid to increase our share of this lucrative market.