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AggreGate M2M Starter Kit

AggreGate M2M Starter Kit 1 AggreGate M2M Starter Kit 2. EM1206 AggreGate M2M Starter Kit 3. EM1206EV

This Starter Kit is designed to simplify building of custom device management solutions based on AggreGate IoT Platform and Tibbo programmable modules or controllers. It provides a full functional version of AggreGate with all vertical-market extensions, one programmable hardware module (AggreGate Agent) and accessories.

Starter Kit Contents

  • EM1206 Programmable Ethernet Module
  • EM1206EV Evaluation Board
  • GA1000 Wi-Fi Add-on Module (optional)
  • Power adaptor
  • WAS-P0004B and WAS-P0005B serial cables
  • WAS-1499 Ethernet cable
  • Official CD with Tibbo IDE, AggreGate Agent source code and documentation
  • AggreGate CD
  • AggreGate Platform license for 5 devices
  • Licenses for SCADA/HMI, Time and Attendance, Access Control, Network Management and Building Automation extensions

Pricing and Order Information

You can order AggreGate Starter Kit online using Tibbo order system.

Pricing information:

  • AggreGate Starter Kit with EM1206 module and EM1206 board: $119
  • AggreGate Starter Kit with EM1206 module, GA1000 Wi-Fi module and EM1206 board: $159