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Customer Support Services

Note: The self-service support section is available here.

Technical Support

AggreGate drives the mission-critical infrastructure of your business. Uptime means revenue and, more importantly, downtime means trouble, financial losses and aggravation to your customers and your personnel. That's why our Tech Support gurus are there to help you solve your problem on a right-here, right-now basis.

Support is not free, but you get very high availabilty in exchange. We use an industrial-strength support ticketing system to make sure your support call is professionally handled and nothing is lost on the way.

Our Support Engineers are real people, just like you. We don't believe in letting you feel as if you're dealing with a huge, faceless corporation. A dedicated Support Engineer will be assigned to you and will personally handle all your support calls. Our Support Engineers sign their emails with their real names, not an anonymous alias such as "Support-17". You'll get to know your engineer, as well as he will get to know you as a customer and your particular setup.

Hourly-based Professional Services packages include:

  • System design consulting
  • Phone and Skype-based support with screen sharing sessions
  • Guided deployment and administration
  • Remote software upgrades
  • System administration and configuration
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Performance and security auditing
  • Elimination of accidents caused by improper customer actions
  • Localization of accidents caused by hardware and third-party software failures
  • Migration of customer's installation to other hardware platforms and database servers
  • Custom development (drivers, plugins, widgets, reports, etc.)

Update Notifications, Latest Versions and Maintenance Packages

AggreGate is an evolving system. New features are constantly being added. Our development team regularly analyzes customer needs and requests making it easier to do what customer really want to do. Security is always a concern, too. We are constantly on the lookout for any security holes, issue patches and fixes. AggreGate users get immediate e-mail notifications about any patches and new minor versions, freely accessing them on the web.