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OEM/ODM Project Management

Tibbo has vast experience in collaboration with hardware manufacturers from all continents. We offer full-cycle project management services for OEM/ODM companies who have realized that developing a scalable, reliable and powerful control/monitoring system in-house results to multi-million dollar investments and many years of development.

Our primary offices are located in Taiwan and Russia, but we are used to conduct international projects in many coutries all over the world. Most projects involve on-site visits and, so our engineers have open US and Schengen visas.

A typical project team may include Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Analysts, Developers and Quality Engineers.

OEM Project Roadmap

The typical project scenario includes:

  • Analysis of customer's hardware environment and required monitoring/management functionality
  • Elaboration of system design proposals and their negotiation
  • Creation of target specification and its finalization in close cooperation with the customer
  • Joint work on the rebranding process and preparation of branded installers
  • Development of vendor-specific device drivers or agents if proprietary protocol is used for device communications
  • Configuration of out-of-the-box data collection and storage settings (polling periods, storage types, storage periods)
  • Setup of server-side data processing chains and scenarios (based on models, bindings, queries, scheduler jobs, alerts, etc.)
  • Development of operator dashboards based on tables, maps, reports, event logs, and custom widgets
  • Adding versioning parameters to all developed resources and creating dedicated installer bundles for the derived product
  • Customer personnel training and education
  • Operational testing of pilot installations
  • Further premium technical support (priority feature request processing, consulting, remote security/performance auditing, localization and elimination of accidents, migrations, etc.)