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AggreGate Platform

Turnkey Deployment

Box products based on AggreGate IoT Platform, such as Network Manager or SCADA/HMI, can be deployed "as is" without developing any custom modules. However, these are serious enterprise-level systems that may require deep customization and configuration to tailor them to the customer's unique network environment or production processes.

Tibbo offers turnkey-basis deployment of AggreGate-based solutions. Our head offices are located in Taiwan and Russia, but we've completed projects on all continents. Significant part of deployment contracts was signed directly between Tibbo and end customer, without employing national system integrators in order to minimize costs. Our engineers have open US and Sсhengen visas.

Typical Project Timeline

We set clear goals and timelines in every project to make sure that estimated budget will not be exceeded. Depending on the project scale, deployment usually lasts from two months up to one year.

The timeline of typical deployment scenario includes:

  • Preparation of source data:
    • Inspection of available device models and data source types
    • Collection of available metrics (for monitoring projects) or I/O channels (for industrial control projects)
    • Customer requirements collection
  • Source data analysis and target specification development
  • Negotiation of target specification
  • Monitoring/management servers setup and installation of AggreGate-based products
  • Configuration of AggreGate Server installations to meet the target specification
  • On-site training for system administrators and operators
  • System testing and commissioning

Once the deployment project is completed, Tibbo can still help ensuring successful long-term system operation. This is usually done under the terms of a premium support contract that includes phone/skype support with screensharing, remote administration and auditing, and much more. This support contract is optional.

Site Visits

Large deployment projects require 5 to 30 days of on-site presence which is normally separated into several visits:

  • First site visit allows us to conduct customer's environment analysis and interview responsible employees in order to draw up and negotiate detailed technical requirements and deployment specification.
  • Second site visit is targeted to bringing AggreGate servers online and connecting all hardware into the system. After this stage, our project team can start building data processing and visualization chains based on customer-specific source data.
  • Third site visit normally comprises customer's employee training and several days of operational testing. Third stage completion usually means that AggreGate installation is fully functional and can be operated without direct Tibbo's intervention.

However, the above schema is totally flexible. Some projects do not require site visite at all, while others are fully conducted on-site.

Deployment Project Team

Tibbo's experience shows that the size of ideal deployment team seriously varies depending to the project nature, complexity and scale. In some cases small teams help to save costs without significantly impacting the overall duration. However, projects requiring a lot of simple development activities can benefit of concurrent engineers' work. We always negotiate a desired project team with the customer at the early stages of the project.

A typical team will include:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst(s)
  • Developer(s)
  • Tester(s)