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Home Automation

AggreGate IoT platform is perfectly tailored to manage heterogenous devices, and it is widely used to build the smart home by automating different household appliances. Visual editors integrated into the system help to build domotics solutions with no or minimal programming efforts while providing exceptional flexibility in choosing hardware, creating touch panel interfaces and setting up automatic operation rules.

Home Automation with AggreGate

For more information see AggreGate Platform Feature List

Automation Tasks

  • Climate control: managing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment to mantain desired temperature, humidity and air quality.
  • Lighting control: regulation of internal and external illumination according to the level of ambient luminosity or predefined rules.
  • Audio/Video: remote control of multi-zone audio and video components.
  • Security: controlling intrusion sensors (movement detection, door/window, pressure changes) and broadcasting alert notifications by SMS, email and other methods.
  • Leak detection: polling gas/fire/water sensors and alerting in case of any problem.
  • Consumption Statistics: track usage of water, gas, heat, and electricity by connecting smart meters.
  • Other: home robots, garage doors, pet feeding, plant watering, pool/spa heating, sump pumps, etc.