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UPS/PDU/Genset Monitoring

UPS/PDU/Genset Monitoring. Alert Consolidation

AggreGate Network Manager monitors all types of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) devices and Power Distribution Units (PDUs), regardless of their vendor:

  • Advanced UPS units that are initially network-enabled or equipped add-on Ethernet modules are monitored via SNMP protocol
  • Simple UPS units that only have a serial console can be monitored using external Serial-over-IP converters by processing their console status output

The Manager provides overview tables/maps and device-specific dashboards visualizing spot values and historical trends of diverse KPIs:

  • Unit operational status
  • List of active alerts
  • Bypass mode state
  • Per-input voltages, currents and frequencies
  • Per-battery statuses and charge/discharge currents
  • Remaining battery time
  • Load percentages
  • Temperature readings
  • Any other metrics exposed via SNMP

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Data center power and energy management coverage won't be compete without vendor-agnostic monitoring of Diesel Generator Units (DGUs). AggreGate can connect to DGUs via any standard communication protocol, including Modbus, OPC, OPC UA, SNMP, and more.

Similarly to UPS/PDU monitoring, genset monitoring functionality covers overall and device-specific storage, charting, trending, reporting, and further processing for:

  • Fuel levels
  • Oil pressure
  • Water and oil temperatures
  • Battery status
  • Power output details
  • Current alarms
  • Maintenance status
  • Manual shutdown switch status
  • Any other available metrics

Alert Consolidation

There are several classes of situations detected by the monitoring server:

  • Threshold violation (detected by polling a certain metric)
  • Asynchronous error notification (received as a unit-generated event, e.g. as an SNMP trap)

Events may seriously range in their severity, starting from notice-level "pending scheduled maintenance" notifications and up to critical "battery low" warnings. All UPS/genset events are stored in the server database and forwarded to notify system administrators via popup windows, sound alarms, or E-Mail/SMS messages.

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