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Message-oriented Middleware Monitoring

Message-oriented middleware is a type of software designed for sending and receiving messages between other enterprise software systems. The messaging middleware allows application modules to be distributed over heterogeneous platforms and reduces the complexity of developing applications which span multiple operating systems and network protocols.

Proactive monitoring of heterogenous middleware environment provides reliable enterprise IT services, leading to fewer service disruptions and quicker problem resolutions.

AggreGate Network Manager simplifies and automates monitoring and management of your middleware frameworks by:

  • Identifying middleware and transaction problems that affect service delivery
  • Remediating problems that affect application performance and business service delivery
  • Providing a single console for middleware performance monitoring across the enterprise
  • Capacity planning and early warning system of conditions that could affect business operations
  • Real-time performance views for assessing health and utilization of middleware technology
  • Enabling charting and reporting for detecting usage peaks and long-term trends

Middleware Server Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager delivers advanced out-of-the-box analytics for widespread middleware systems:

  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Pre-built middleware analytics includes:

  • Detailed message queue monitoring (depth, message ages statistics, etc.)
  • Channel activity monitoring (traffic, message counts, buffer statistics, etc.)
  • Message listener monitoring (current status and statistics)
  • And more (processes, heap, caches, SQL queries, threads, sessions, etc.)