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IBM WebSphere MQ Monitoring

IBM WebSphere MQ is among the most common Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) systems. MQ servers perform delayed message exchange between diverse systems in heterogeneous environments. Software of this type is commonly used in distributed corporate applications.

Middleware servers are expected to be highly efficient and accessible as they are responsible for business-critical systems and applications. Providing such a high service level makes it essential to know the system’s total and each component’s efficiency as well as end application response time.

No matter if a component is a physical device or software, AggreGate Network Manager tracks its status from a unified console. The Manager helps to reduce planned downtime as well as minimize or totally remove unforeseen incidents by keeping you aware of possible problems in advance and providing a chance to prevent them.

Moreover, Network Manager’s WebSphere MQ monitoring tools enable you to take right and timely decisions on expansion of network bandwidth and other IT resources. AggreGate Network Manager can be quickly set up for monitoring listeners, queues and messages. You’ll be able to get reports on real-time system load as well as follow your MQ server performance trends.