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Web Server and Website Monitoring

Web servers like Microsoft IIS, Apache, and Sun ONE are key components of IT infrastructure in both enterprise and MSP domains. Often backed by application servers and database engines, web servers play critical role in real-time business service delivery. Routing of all user requests starts with company's web portals. Thus, even a minor slowdown or short DoS will have negative impact on user's experience.

Website performance also affects their perception by Google and other search engines. Slow websites may boil down all SEO efforts to zero.

AggreGate Network Manager provides detailed availability, operability and performance monitoring of web servers and websites:

  • Web server response time monitoring
  • Monitoring of individual virtual hosts (sites) configured on a web server
  • Monitoring or SOAP-based Web Services
  • Web server performance statistics collection via SNMP and WMI protocols
  • HTTP error statistics collection
  • Remote web server log analysis and alerting upon occurrence of specific error patterns
  • Receiving web server errors via Syslog and Windows Event Log
  • Consolidated status of servers participating in a failover or load balancing cluster
  • Multiple servers of a distributed AggreGate installation will "see" a single site from different locations
  • Comprehensive monitoring of underlying application servers and database engines
  • Monitoring CPU load, memory, bandwidth usage and other KPIs of web server machines
  • Auto-disabling monitoring during scheduled maintenance periods
  • Out-of-the-box threshold violation alerting
  • Comprehensive management reports on website metrics history and trends
  • Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly downtime percentage statistics
  • Dashboards, graphs and charts visualizing web server status

The system can notify webmasters upon web infrastructure problems and failures via e-mail, SMS and other methods. It can also take automatic corrective actions, such as executing a script or restarting web server application.

Even deeper out-of-the-box support is provided for:

  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS

URL Content Monitoring and Web Page Tracking

In addition to monitoring web servers and sites, AggreGate Network Manager can load and analyze individual web pages. This provides:

  • Web page load time tracking and threshold alerting
  • User perspective monitoring of regular HTTP URLs and HTTPS URLs, including ones that are protected by realm authorization or require client certificates
  • Support for HTTP redirects
  • Form submission via specification of HTTP GET and POST parameters in URL requests
  • Simulation of different User Agents and customization of other HTTP request headers
  • Modelling and business rule engines for dynamic web page content validation and analysis
  • Web page change tracking and alerting
  • Validating operability of underlying scripts and database engine

The Network Manager loads the selected web pages content and exposes this content (which is normally available in HTML format) into a system core for analysis. Server's internal data processing tools can analyse page content, e.g. check existence of a specific string inside a web page or analyze response's HTTP headers.

The system will warn a webmaster via e-mail or SMS if load time of a certain web page (e.g. exceeds selected threshold.

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