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End User Experience Monitoring

Performance of web sites, portals and applications is, indeed, a matter of end user perception. Simple page loading time measurement and presence of required keywords in page body doesn't guarantee you'll be able to purchase a smartphone in a web store successfully.

Adequate end user experience monitoring is only possible by executing web transactions in a regular web browser and checking everything from customer's perspective. This ensures the business objective of your web application is met, implicitly guaranteeing consistence of intermediate elements, such as on-page javascripts, cookies, authorization, and server-side code.

Web Transaction Monitoring in AggreGate

AggreGate Network Manager is a powerful web transaction monitoring software that enables proactive real user experience monitoring via a real web browser that runs in "headless mode". It uses industry's best Selenium web application testing framework, leveraging a huge, mature and flexible performance evaluation ecosystem. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is used for recording and customizing performance and operability testing scenarios. AggreGate server then runs those scenarios in background, offering automated analysis of detailed execution results that include execution troubles, timings, and even screenshots.

Combined with other application performance monitoring methods – such as server, OS, database, web server and application server monitoring – the web user experience monitoring caps end-to-end visibility of the whole website operation process.

Even the most complex multi-step transactions may be easily recorded without scripting. Further playback may take place from various servers in a distributed Network Manager installation, enabling location-specific performance checking.

Finally, all other network and application performance monitoring tools facilitate identification of slow infrastructure elements that impact website performance.

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