Network Monitoring and Management
Network Monitoring and Management Software
AggreGate Platform

Feature Comparison

The below feature matrix shows editions of AggreGate Network Manager and their differences.

Free Edition Standard Edition Premium Edition
Generic Features
Managed devices Up to 10 Limited by license Limited by license
Network discovery
Network mapping
Network Monitoring
Availability and response time monitoring
Packet loss monitoring
Route tracing and link quality monitoring
CPU load monitoring
Disk space monitoring
Memory utilization monitoring
Traffic and bandwidth usage monitoring
Network interface status monitoring
Fan speed monitoring
CPU/HDD/montherboard temperature monitoring
Custom metric monitoring via SNMP
Custom metric monitoring via WMI
Printer monitoring
Wireless infrastructure monitoring
Datacenter environment monitoring
Distributed monitoring
Failover support
VMware/Hyper-V Guest VMs status and performance monitoring
NetFlow/xFlow-based traffic decomposition
VoIP monitoring
IP SLA monitoring
VoIP monitoring
Configuration and compliance management
Application Monitoring
Application and service discovery
Process instance count monitoring
Process memory and CPU usage monitoring
Web server monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS)
URL monitoring
Mail server monitoring (POP3/IMAP/SMTP)
E-mail round-trip monitoring
Java applications monitoring (JMX)
Application server monitoring
SSH server monitoring
DNS server monitoring
DHCP server monitoring
LDAP server monitoring
Radius server monitoring
Local file/folder monitoring
Shared file/folder monitoring (SMB/CIFS)
TCP/UDP port monitoring
Composite business service monitoring
Business service modeling
Active directory monitoring
Web Service Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Virtualized infrastructure monitoring
IBM WebSphere MQ monitoring
Pre-defined alerts for typical network problems
Sound and popup notifications
E-mail notifications
SMS notifications via directly connected GSM model
SMS notifications via SMTP/SMPP/SOAP/HTTP/FTP gateway
Interactive corrective actions
Automatic corrective actions
Alert escalation
Forced alert acknowledgement
Out-of-the-box reports
Integrated report editor
Scheduled report emailing
Network Management
Remote shell script execution
SNMP write operations
Sending SNMP traps
Sending syslog messages
Dynamic DNS operations
Event Management
SNMP traps collection
Syslog aggregation
Receiving Windows Event Log events
Real-time event monitoring
Browsing, sorting and filtering event history
Event correlation
Development and Integration
Open-source Java API
Open-source .NET API
Integrated UI builder for custom forms and maps
Other Features
User management and fine-grained access control
Built-in charts
Advanced map/chart/form/UI editor
Batch operations
"Top 10" and services status dashboards
Other customizable dashboards
Fine-grained polling and history storage
Preconfigured device templates
Traffic decomposition and deep analysis
IT asset management extensions
Service Desk integration
IPv6 support