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AggreGate Platform

OSS/BSS Middleware

AggreGate Network Manager can play a role of telecom operator's Operation Support System/Business Support System (OSS/BSS), providing a bridge between Business Intelligence software (Billing, CRM, etc.) and the network. Offering end-to-end business automation, it ensures maximum efficience of sales and maintenance processes.

Unique flexibility of the underlying AggreGate IoT platform helps own software teams and local system integrators adopt the product for company-specific processes, avoiding any programming and assuming minimal or no interaction with Tibbo. Changes substantiated by adjusted business processes and new network element types can be easily incorporated into the working system by simple reconfiguration.

Essential OSS/BSS capabilities:

  • Auto-detection of network architecture and available LAN/WAN services
  • Modeling of composite services and SLAs
  • Configuration of processes that involve network device reconfiguration steps
  • Integrated network inventory capabilities
  • Perfect operation in multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-protocol frameworks
  • Rich set of north-bound and south-bound integration interfaces; open-source SDK and Driver Development Kit (DDK)
  • Full-fledged FCAPS compliance
  • Managing IP QOS, traffic, and VoIP/IPTV infrastructure in parallel to typical network fault and performance management
  • Support for SOAP-based TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol and TR-181 Device Data Model
  • Comprehensive NMS/EMS framework functions

Being responsible for interaction between high-level OSS systems and the network, AggreGate Network Manager helps NGN telecom operators deliver complex multi-tier services and products to their customers.

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