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People and Vehicle Counting

People and Vehicle Counting

AggreGate helps to make faster and smarter business decisions when it works as a heart of customer traffic analysis solution.

Its rich connectivity options permit to bridge with different people and vehicle counting devices. Once the hardware is connected, integrated data processing and visualization tools provided by the AggreGate IoT Platform deliver accurate and valuable performance metrics.

AggreGate for Traffic Counting

  • Support for M2M-enabled counters that establish incoming connections to the server via cellular links
  • Availability for both public and private cloud
  • Real-time entrance and exit monitoring
  • Seamless storage of historical and statistical data in relational, round-robin and nosql databases
  • Facility-wide and per-gate entrance/exit stats
  • Visualization of zone occupancy for multiple user-defined zones on interactive geographical maps and facility/floor plans
  • Various statistical reports and charts (entry/traffic rate, etc.)
  • Integrated report template editor
  • Scheduled report saving and e-mailing
  • Export of traffic data and reports in multiple formats (XML, Excel, CSV, HTML, etc.)
  • Dashboard views of real-time sensor values or custom calculated data
  • Specialized expression language, query language and modeling engine for deep traffic/occupancy data mining, correlation with external sources (e.g. sales performance or weather reports), and extensive analysis
  • Email, SMS and on-screen alarms based on sensor high/low limits, status, communication problems, and custom expression-based values
  • And more

Open White-labeled Architecture for People/Vehicle Counter Manufacturers

We provide our OEM partners an open-source SDK for building vendor-specific device drivers and visit/occupancy data storage, processing and visualization plugins.

The whole system is initially designed to be re-branded and distributed under OEM contracts.

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