Internet of Things Integration Platform

Remote Monitoring, M2M and Device Management Software Platform

Remote Monitoring and Service

AggreGate Platform is a unique OEM/ODM solution for remote management and telemetry of custom machinery. OEMs and VARs may easily tailor the system to suit end user requirements in any vertical market. Another option is building your own monitoring application upon AggreGate framework using open-source APIs.

Tibbo provides flexible OEM licensing policy for Hardware Vendors, System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers and Service Operators.

Using AggreGate Platform for Telemetry

AggreGate allows to complete most centralized monitoring projects within one month. It helps to solve common issues, such as downtime, slow response to remote machine problems, multiple calls to fix the same problem, supply chain inefficiencies, poor logistics, abuse of use, security issues, etc.

AggreGate Platform provides multiple features facilitating remote monitoring:

Monitoring and Service Agents

AggreGate Agents are lightweight M2M applications that can run inside a remotely serviced equipment or machinery, as well as inside an external monitoring appliance. While agents are always located in a customer site, they establish outgoing connection to a cloud or on-premise AggreGate Server. The connections are usually based on cellular or satellite links.

While Agents are not required in many remote monitoring and service projects, they can deliver a number of important benefits:

  • Buffering of device data while server connection is not available
  • Conducting their own control logic if server is unavailable due to a failure
  • Minimizing data transfer for cellular and satellite links by ensuring on-demand data transfer
  • Penetrating firewalls by connecting to a central server from inside private networks

Business Benefits

  • Real-time equipment status monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Fast response to problems
  • Reduced number of field visits
  • Supply chain and logistics optimization
  • Asset audit trails
  • And many others


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