Internet of Things Integration Platform
Remote Monitoring, M2M and Device Management Software Platform
AggreGate Platform

Sensor Networks

AggreGate can be easily used to monitor multiple sensors and operate complex control logic. Let's say you operate a huge organic greenhouse. Your greenhouse always needs to have certain temperature and humidity percentage. These variables keep changing at various times of the day and as equipment and workers enter or leave the warehouse.

Sensor Networks

Your sensor grid deployed throughout the warehouse could connect to the AggreGate server and constantly relay sensor data. When a certain threshold is crossed (i.e, humidity too low), an alert could be raised, and corrective action will automatically occur - water atomizers would kick in adding humidity.

You could generate reports to easily see how much power and water your greenhouse consumes and use the data to plan the space layout more efficiently minimizing resources waste.



  • Area monitoring
  • Environment and habitat monitoring
  • Water or wastewater monitoring
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Vehicle detection
  • Traffic control
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Healthcare applications
  • Home automation


  • Temperature
  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Pressure
  • Motion
  • Light
  • Electro-magnetic field
  • Air/soil pollutants

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