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Vending Machines and Self-Service Kiosks

Vending Machines and Self-Service Kiosks

You can put AggreGate in the core of a vending-machine operation. All self-service devices will be networked via GPRS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet and connected to the AggreGate server for telemetry collection and centralized cashless payments.

In corporate HQ, you will be able to see a large map of the city (via a special widget in the AggreGate Client interface) with your vending machines marked on it. You could easily see which vending machines generate the most revenue by the spot color on the map.

When a vending machine runs out of stock, your service agents will get an automatic email (or SMS) message and would then be able to immediately restock it in the most efficient way possible. And if a vending machine breaks, your repair crew will get immediate notification via SMS, including a description of the problem (i.e, an error code and a text description of which part is broken).

If you sell goods which expire (such as sandwiches, for example), your machine could automatically alert a system operator that it has stock which is about to expire. The machine could even request operator OK to begin a special sale, and when the OK is given, prices for that specific sandwich type would go down so that it would sell before it expires.

You could generate special reports with a button click, such as best-selling machines, best-selling items, items slowest to move, and areas in the city where the most breakage and damage occurs to machines (i.e, where you have the biggest number of service calls). This gives you an unprecedented level of control and efficiency.

Why AggreGate?

  • Quickly connects PC-based kiosks and vending machines by running the open-source Java or .NET implementation of AggreGate Agent
  • Connects self-service devices with custom hardware using programmable Agents or software drivers
  • Batch configuration and content distribution (promotions, price updates, etc.)
  • Remotely monitors your machines to reduce the number of onsite service visits
  • Collect statistics about sales, cash, breakdowns, and stocks
  • Schedule device operations, such as self-testing
  • Auto-initiate maintenance to block operations until all necessary actions are performed by service staff
  • Wide range of built-in tools for sales data analysis: reports, query language, charts, etc.
  • Notify support staff and maintenance engineers about problems using e-mail, SMS or other methods
  • Store and export sales operation and incident history
  • Track custom asset information (machine number and location, contact of responsible person, etc.)
  • Manage stock levels, supplier costs/quality, product expiration dates, etc.
  • Set up different access permissions for administrators, support personnel, suppliers, and operators
  • Integrate with accounting applications using open-source APIs

Business Benefits

  • Out-of-stock reduction
  • Refill visits and supply chain optimisation
  • Improved assortment segmentation
  • Faster implementation of new commercial policies
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Increased service level and profitability

Vending Machine Controllers

Tibbo Project System provides the unique architecture for building custom-tailored vending machine controllers. A typical controller won't require any hardware design work and will support the following:

  • Availability in form of a PCB (for installing inside a machine) or a cased device (for external installation)
  • Optional LCD display
  • Ethernet, GPRS, and Wi-Fi interfaces
  • ETA-DTS interface (DEX and DDCMP) for machine statistics reading and real-time forwarding to the server
  • MDB interface (master and slave) for monitoring and controlling payment devices and initiating vends from a command center
  • Credit card and RFID card readers for implementing custom payment schemes
  • Wide operating temperature/humidity range
  • Additional digital and analog I/O, high-power relays for emergency machine restarts, and other periphery
  • Power and status LEDs
  • Customizable control buttons
  • Optional beeper for confirmation of button-initiated operations
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for operation without an external supply (power failure reporting, potential theft reporting, etc.)
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade capabilities
  • Standard open-source AggreGate Agent running inside a device

Rebrandable Platform for Vending Machine OEMs

We provide our OEM partners an open-source SDK for extending the Platform with custom vending data storage, processing and visualization plugins.

AggreGate IoT Platform is initially designed to be rebranded and redistributed under OEM contracts.

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