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Multiprotocol Vendor-Agnostic Framework

Multiprotocol Vendor-Agnostic Framework AggreGate

AggreGate is used in many industries, and its components can live in diverse hardware and software environments. AggreGate creates internal, normalized representation of any hardware device within a system. This way, system modules can interact with the device without “getting into the details” of how exactly it works.

Most modern device communication protocols provide some metadata about the device, and AggreGate does its best to “get to know” your device. Meaning, you almost never have to input data about device settings (what settings are available, what are the ranges for various values, etc.). Normally, you can simply set up connection settings (IP address, serial port number, etc.) and let AggreGate do the rest. You can then start accessing device data. The whole process takes mere seconds.

AggreGate directly supports many modern protocols (e.g. SNMP, Modbus, BACnet or OPC). It can communicate with thousands of devices from different manufacturers without additional programming or complex configuration. As AggreGate evolves and matures, more drivers are added. Devices that are not supported directly may be connected using programmable hardware controllers (Agents) or software device drivers, as described under connectivity section. Tibbo also offers a driver development service.