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Robust M2M/IoT Communication Protocol

AggreGate M2M/IoT Communication Protocol

In addition to very wide standard protocol coverage, AggreGate server supports an open and well-documented communication protocol to intelligently access, manipulate and process data elements and metadata of each Agent connected to the system.

In combination, the object-based representation of devices and the AggreGate Communication Protocol provide a foundation for a system that automatically learns about the specifics of each connected device, even if this device was connected to the system for the first time. As a result, the cost and complexity of implementing the support for new devices in the system are greatly reduced.

The protocol is optimized for low-bandwidth unreliable M2M device connections, such as GPRS and Satellite links.

AggreGate Protocol is also used for SSL-secured intercommunication between servers within a distributed installation, as well as communications between Unified Management Consoles (standalone AggreGate Clients) and servers.

There are several open-source implementations of AggreGate Protocol, including C/C++, Java and Android Java (Dalvik JVM), .NET, .NET Compact, and Tibbo Basic.

In contrast to device polling, AggreGate Protocol allows devices to establish outgoing connections to the server. Whereas typical polling and Web-based configuration requires a real IP address to be assigned to each device for this device to be accessible over the network, AggreGate only requires a single real IP address for the server. All AggreGate Agents in the system connect to the server themselves. This eliminates the necessity to configure firewalls on each device’s side and also allows interaction with devices on cellular networks, such as GPRS, which only allows outgoing connections. Structure of the AggreGate Protocol is optimized for low-bandwidth satellite and cellurar connections from the ground up.