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AggreGate Agent

Example Tibbo devices
that can run AggreGate Agent:

Tibbo devices that can run AggreGate Agent

DS1000 Industrial
Programmable Controller

Tibbo devices that can run AggreGate Agent

EM203 Programmable
Ethernet Module

AggreGate Agent is a special application necessary to connect an electronic device to AggreGate. The Agent usually runs on a programmable controller or module but may also run on a usual PC or mobile device. The Agent acts as a gateway, i.e. communicates with the device using its native protocol on one side and with AggreGate Server using AggreGate protocol on the other side.

Tibbo offers external programmable controllers (such as TPS) which are ideal for connecting existing devices. We also offer embedded programmable modules (e.g. EM203) which may be placed on the PCB of a new device as a communication coprocessor.

PC-based Agents

The software Agent is available as Java or .NET library that can be compiled into any regular PC application to make it AggreGate'ed.

Multi-Device Agents

A single Agent may be used for connecting multiple devices. One benefit of using an Agent over a software driver is that if a server becomes unavailable for some reason, the Agent may act as a decision maker.

Let’s look at an example where three devices are connected to a single Agent: an access control panel, an electric door lock and a fire/smoke detector. During normal operation, the door is opened if the central server allows the operation. But if there is a fire and the Agent loses its connection with AggreGate Server, it switches to a stand-alone mode and unlocks the door according to its internal logic.

Agents in M2M World

AggreGate Agent turns any type of device into an M2M device suitable for Internet of Things. Agents connect to the server themselves, perfectly performing in cellular and satellite networks without static IP addresses, as well as in private networks behind firewalls or NAT.