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Device Drivers

Software Device Driver

AggreGate directly supports many communication and control protocols. Device drivers bundled with AggreGate Server allow connecting different devices produced by thousands of manufacturers.

However, in several cases it may be necessary to connect a new device that uses custom unsupported protocol. If the device is network-enabled or can be connected to a PC via serial interface, it is possible to implement a new device driver for AggreGate Server. Otherwise, it's better to use "device-side" protocol converter called AggreGate Agent.

AggreGate Device Drivers are written in Java programming language and, thus, are platform-independent. Device drivers are implemented in the form of server plugins, so installing new driver is as easy as copying a single file and restarting a server.

Tibbo provides driver development service for customers who do not wish to develop their own drivers in-house. New driver implementation takes a week or two in most cases.