AggreGate redefines the edge computing paradigm by allowing to run the same software on the edge and in the cloud.

Platform server equally runs on Raspberry Pi and 128-core supernodes. There's no difference in terms of functionality – just make sure you respect scalability limits of the IoT edge instance.

Fully-fledged AggreGate Server can run on:

Single-Board PC

Tibbo Project System

IoT Gateway

Regular Server or VM

Industrial PC

Industrial Touch Panel

Linux-Based PLC

Embedded AggreGate Server becomes a heart of IoT Gateway capable of acquiring, storing, processing, and visualizing data using the whole power of AggreGate toolset.

Such an IoT gateway can expose certain amount of data to the higher level AggreGate server via a so-called "local agent". It can be also connected to other servers using a distributed architecture. This is how pre-processed and pre-aggregated data gets into the cloud.

IoT gateways are ideal when it’s necessary to monitor, supervise and evolve a large number of remote facilities, such as telecom towers, pump stations or electrical transformers. A system based on edge AggreGate servers introduces fully centralized control, easy upgrading and advanced change management for thousands of facilities.