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Multiple Time Zones Support

AggreGate is a distributed system. In a large installation, different components may be deployed in several countries or even across several continents. Thus, AggreGate Server, system operators and managed devices may all be located in different time zones. It is necessary to configure time zones properly when setting up the system. Once this is done, timestamps will be automatically converted during system operation.

  • Multiple Time Zones Support Server, user accounts and device profiles have separate time zone settings
  • If custom time zones are not specified, users and devices are assumed to be in the server's time zone
  • All server-to-server, server-to-client and server-to-agent communications guarantee that timestamps are converted to UTC for network transfer
  • In any AggreGate User Interface all timestamps are shown to the operator in his own time zone
  • By default, server time zone is take from operating system settings