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Corrective Actions (Alert-To-Action Bindings)

When a certain error occurs, it often requires one specific remedy. For example, when available memory on a device becomes low, its internal database must be downloaded or purged. This is always the case – it’s never another action, such as turning the device off or running a servo.

Because of it being so predictable, it can be automated. Any system action that is available in the user interface may be automatically launched in response to an alert.

If no operators are on duty or system functions are in standalone mode, the corrective action launched is “non-interactive” (also called "automatic" or "headless"). There are also “interactive” corrective actions which require operator input in real-time.

Some interactive corrective actions:

  • Starting an custom operator-driven incident resolution workflow
  • Running a database purge, asking the operator first: “Are you sure?”
  • Rebooting a mission-critical device only after getting confirmation from the operator

Some automatic corrective actions:

  • Preparing a status report about the device causing alert and sending it by e-mail
  • Executing an external application that fixes the problem
  • Creating a new ticket in Service Desk system