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Common Data

Common Data is a custom data storage facility that may be used by various AggreGate components to perform specific operations, such as data replication, data sharing and configuration management.

The common data container is like a database. You can:

  • Create tables
  • Remove tables
  • Define and modify table structure
  • Preview and edit data

Data containers may either be global, shared between all system users, or personal, owned by a certain user account. Users may share personal containers by setting up proper access permissions.

Uses of common data:

  • Custom Data Storage. In this case, common tables are created by the system administrator manually, from scratch, to contain some custom data which is not automatically generated or used by AggreGate Server components. This can be, for example, an inventory of equipment belonging to the company. This table may contain description and location of each piece of equipment, name of the person responsible for it, etc. The administrator could allow users to view or edit it. It could then be referred to from different parts of the system. For example, you could create a query showing which pieces of equipment is under the responsibility of every system user.
  • Integration With Groups. In this case, the common table contains a "master value" for a certain property of all group members. The group monitors the common table for changes. When a change is detected, the related property is updated for all group members.