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Delayed Configuration

AggreGate lets you view and change the configuration of any device which has been connected to the server at least once. All server-side profile changes are stored in the device snapshot and written to the device immediately when it becomes available.

This helps to manage devices that have non-persistent or unstable connections with the server, such as wireless devices (GPRS, Wi-Fi, ZigBee…) and devices periodically stopped for maintenance.

Imagine you are controlling a large fleet of forklifts with integrated vehicle controllers. You may need to change a certain setting on all controllers at once – say, decrease the top speed limit due to an update in the safety requirements. Your devices may be re-configured only when the forklifts carrying them are within range of a base station. There is never a single instance where all devices are in range at once, so you'll need to perform several configuration update cycles.

AggreGate solves the problem by letting you select all devices and perform delayed reconfiguration as a single operation. Changes to every device's configuration will be stored in the server cache and written to the devices once they enter the base station’s range.