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AggreGate Platform

Job Scheduler

AggreGate Server’s job scheduler lets you periodically execute any device management or system task, such as:

  • Checking device status every two hours and running an external application in case of a problem
  • Purging device internal memory every Sunday at 4:00 AM
  • Sending an attendance report by e-mail on the 2nd and 17th of every month at 4:00 PM during 2009 and 2010

Any operation available within AggreGate may be scheduled for periodic execution. If the operation is interactive and requires user input, input parameters may be pre-defined during scheduling. When the server is restarted, the scheduler can detect if any jobs were missed (not launched) while the server was down.

There are two types of schedules:

  • Simple schedule. According to a simple schedule, an action is executed for a set number of times with a fixed interval. It is also possible to specify start and end of the time interval when the execution takes place.
  • Advanced schedule. This type of schedule allows complex execution patterns, like "execute every minute starting at 2pm and ending at 2:59 PM, every day" or "execute at 10:15 AM on the last Friday of every month during the years 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015".