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Query Language

AggreGate Server features integrated query language for retrieving and managing device and system data. It is similar to Structured Query Language (SQL). Most SQL clauses are supported, including SELECT, JOIN, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, UNION, ORDER BY, and LIMIT.

Queries are useful for:

  • Viewing/editing several properties of multiple resources/devices in a single aggregated table
  • Finding/filtering some data and triggering an alert if selected tabular data matches some condition
  • Building a report
  • Exporting data to an external system or file
  • Sorting and filtering existing tabular data

Query Language Concept

AggreGate's unifed data model acts as a large database with many tables. Every property of a device or a system resource acts like a normal database table and, thus, can be queried. AggreGate queries are processed under a strict access control model. A query executed under your control cannot select data that you’re not allowed to see.

Queries may be refined and optimized using an internal debug tool. A query may also prompt for some parameters before execution.

Update Queries

Unlike classic SQL, AggreGate query language has no INSERT and UPDATE statements. However,  query results may be modified using the GUI. For example, if you select several properties of several devices in a single table, you can edit the cells of this query and all modified data will be written back to its original location.