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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time event monitoring capability is crucial for many industries, such as Industrial Automation, Network Monitoring and Access Control. Monitoring current events is one of a system operator’s primary tasks.

AggreGate core's unified data model has been designed with event processing in mind. In addition to internal system events, the system learns new event types coming from different hardware on-the-fly. These events are converted to AggreGate events thereby revealing many handling methods.

Events are subdivided into five severity levels: Notice, Info, Warning, Error and Fatal. The essential tool for event monitoring is Event Log available in all types of AggreGate user interface. The log is divided into two areas: Real-Time Events and Event History. Event log provides basic event handling functions, such as sorting, filtering, deleting, acknowledging, and accessing event-related actions.

There are two types of events: transient and persistent events. Transient events may be only processed (for example, trigger an alert) at the moment they are generated. Persistent event are stored in the server database and therefore may be used for trend analysis, charting, report building, etc. All persistent events are automatically purged after a while (configurable).

AggreGate Server does its best to make all background activities (e.g. device communication failures or scheduled job executions) visible as events.