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Interactive Guides

AggreGate isn’t always trivial to master. You have to understand how the system works, grasp the terminology and gradually figure things out.

In other words, you will probably have to read at least some of the manual before you can reap some of the benefits of this unique system.

Alas, not everyone enjoys reading in-depth technical documentation (how surprising!). Some people like to learn by simply running the program and clicking around until something happens.

Keeping such people in mind, we created the AggreGate Interactive Guides. This is a fairly unique feature. When the Interactive Guide is on, you get a small window with some instructions and explanation. The guide then “watches” what you do, and when it detects you’ve performed the step described, it moves on to the next step automatically showing you what to do next.

You can think of the Interactive Guide as a tech supporter, looking over your shoulder and making helpful comments as you work. It's not an animated paperclip, though, and we promise it won't try to make friends with you.