Internet of Things Integration Platform
Remote Monitoring, M2M and Device Management Software Platform
AggreGate Platform


Trackers help watching mission-critical server data in real-time. All trackers are shown together in a single table to enable efficient monitoring. Each tracker is based on an expression, which may refer some server data or data originated by hardware devices. A simple expression may be used to monitor some value directly, while a more complicated one can track a combination of several values. For example, a tracker can be easily set up to watch dew point temperature calculated by temperature and absolute humidity measurements coming from different sensors.

Tracker status lets system operators quickly check state of a tracker by highlighting it in trackers list. Statuses can help detecting trackers that indicate warning and critical conditions of monitored values. It is possible to associate an unlimited number of user-defined statuses with every tracker.

Value of each active tracker's expression is recalculated periodically. Stateless and disabled trackers may be optionally hidden from the list.

Tracker list of a Unified Operations Console shows trackers collected from several servers, facilitating supervision of a large distributed AggreGate installation.