AggreGate IoT Cloud

AggreGate IoT Cloud is a web-based PaaS version of AggreGate IoT Integration Platform. It offers full-fledged instances of AggreGate upon subscription basis.

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Should We Use It?

AggreGate cloud allows managed service providers, engineering/integration companies, OEM device manufacturers and enterprises to build and deliver IoT applications running in the public cloud.

IoT Service Developers

IoT Service

IoT Device Vendors

IoT Device

SIs Engineering Companies

SIs / Engineering

Small and Medium Businesses

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What Features Do We Get?

Subscription-based instances of the platform fully inherit all cool features of its technology.

Connect Everything

Connect Everything

Out-of-the-box support for 100+ communication protocols used in IT, automation, IoT, and for generic data exchange. Connection of any device or data source via a server-side driver or device-side agent. Running the server on IoT gateways, single-board computers, Linux PLCs, touch-panels, and industrial PCs enables the access to various hardware inputs and outputs of different nature.

Digitize Everything

Digitize Everything

Unified data model, unlimited scalability, high availability, multi-tenancy, end-to-end security, open communications, and other patented features of the enterprise-grade core architecture. A modular system design approach helps size the platform servers from the embedded environments up to high-performance cloud infrastructures.

Store Everything

Store Everything

Homogenized approach to storing configurations, events, historical values, large binary blocks, and object topologies. Having a choice between relational, key-value, NoSQL, graph, Round-Robin and file databases ensures the right storage structure and the highest performance in all cases.

Manage Everything

Manage Everything

Orientation to controlling multi-million device fleets. The management features include automatic discovery and provisioning, offline device management, group and batch operations, flexible event management, advanced alerting, job scheduling, centralized upgrading, configuration replication, and more.

Analyze Everything

Analyze Everything

Data mining and analytics is the largest toolset within AggreGate. Object and process models, user-defined classes and their relations, domain-specific languages, visually designed workflows, trainable units backed by the machine learning algorithms, statistical process control – all those tools extract an important business value from your data and simplify the decision-making.

Visualize Everything

Visualize Everything

Visual UI editors let you design simple dashboards with tables, gauges and charts in a few seconds. However, their potential is fully disclosed when constructing the advanced HMIs with dynamic vector images, multi-layer maps, topology graphs, complex statistical diagrams, video streams – all are dynamically linked to the controls without a single line of code.

Extend Everything

Extend Everything

Sometimes a visual development doesn’t do the trick, so the internal scripting capabilities come to help. For more complicated cases, the platform offers programmatic extension points and APIs to implement virtually any kind of device driver, data storage or processing plugin, UI component or even a full-scale custom web application.

Integrate Everything

Integrate Everything

The server API libraries available for most widespread development platforms allow a third-party software to get an unlimited remote control over the server configuration and device data. Web services make this possible even without embedding any software library into your app. Fair enough, all remote control operations fully abide by the server’s security model.

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What are the Costs?

Rapid IoT application enablement and zero upfront license fees guarantee minimal CAPEX. You get rid of infrastructure-related risks and service costs as well.


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Software License Cost Subscription Fee

How Much is It?

AggreGate cloud pricing is based on available resources (CPU, memory and disk space), as well as modules and components included into your dedicated platform instance. Charged monthly via PayPal.


Leverage MQTT and HTTP for device communications. Implement simple connect-collect-visualize scenarios.

Basic Subscription
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • RAM, GB: 4
  • Disk Space, GB: 80
  • Protocols included: 4
  • Modules included: 12
Per Month
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Use industrial and IT communication protocols. Create digital twins and run workflows. Mine device data via queries and scripts.

Standard Subscription
  • CPU Cores: 8
  • RAM, GB: 32
  • Disk Space, GB: 640
  • Protocols included: 17
  • Modules included: 21
Per Month
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Connect to structured data sources. Reveal full power of IoT analytics including machine learning, streamSQL and much more.

Premium Subscription
  • CPU Cores: 20
  • RAM, GB: 96
  • Disk Space, GB: 1900
  • Protocols included: 40
  • Modules included: 32
Per Month
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Why Can We Rely on It?

Platform instances follow isolated multi-tenancy paradigm, ensuring you’ll never get affected by your neighbors. However, your personal instances can be easily integrated with your private cloud.

The IoT cloud is based on infrastructure of Digital Ocean, one of the largest IaaS providers on the globe.

Cloud and on-premise installations of AggreGate are providing IoT services for over ten million devices deployed and travelling throughout the world.

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Build Your Own IoT Cloud Ecosystem

Connect your devices and collect their data in half hour. Finish configuring in-depth device data analysis and configuring your unique dashboards next day. Get ready for launch in a week.

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