Feature Comparison

The below feature matrix shows differences between AggreGate SCADA/HMI editions and AggreGate Building Automation.

Choose Your Product AggreGate SCADA/HMI Free AggreGate SCADA/HMI Basic AggreGate SCADA/HMI Standard AggreGate Building Automation
Generic Features
I/O channel (tag) count Up to 100 Limited by license Limited by license Limited by license
All core features of AggreGate IoT Platform enabled        
Windows, Linux and MacOS server bundles        
Embeddable server (ARM Linux)        
Live project editing        
Failover clustering        
Distributed architecture        
SCADA symbol library        
Building Automation symbol library        
Included Device Drivers
IEC-104 Server        
Omron FINS        
OPC Client        
OPC Server        
OPC UA Client        
Other drivers Can be included in a custom license
Included Modules
HMI Builder        
Server-side scripting        
HMI-side scripting        
Internal query language        
Task scheduler        
Object and process modeling        
Maintenance management        
Asset management        
Statistical process control        
RDBMS (SQL Database) data storage        
Key-value data storage        
NoSQL (Big Data) data storage        
State-based triggering        
Event-based triggering        
Flexible trigger expressions        
Activation and deactivation hysteresis        
Flapping detection        
Sound and popup notifications        
E-mail notifications        
SMS notifications via directly connected GSM modem        
SMS notifications via SMTP, SMPP, SOAP, HTTP or FTP gateway        
Interactive corrective actions        
Automatic corrective actions        
Alert escalation        
Forced alert acknowledgment        
Report template generator        
Integrated report editor        
Scheduled report emailing        
Event Management
Event consolidation        
Real-time event monitoring        
Browsing, sorting and filtering event history        
Event deduplication        
Event correlation        
Development and Integration
Open-source Java API        
Open-source .NET API        
Web services        
Other Features
User management and fine-grained access control        
Batch operations        
Fine-grained polling and history storage        

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