AggreGate Unified Architecture

AggreGate Platform is a set of software "bricks" used for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and visualizing the device data, as well as integrating this data into an enterprise.

Similarly to any children brick set just poured out-of-the-box, the platform doesn’t do anything useful on its own. Tibbo Systems, as well as our partners and customers, use those bricks to implement different services and full-blown products for the Internet of Things and digital enterprises.

We've spent many years trying to find a common denominator for various device monitoring, management and control solutions. The AggreGate Platform's technical architecture sums up all this knowledge.

All platform components can be installed on-premise. The cloud services are available, too.

IoT hardware manufacturers, system integrators, engineering companies, telecoms, and managed service providers leverage our ecosystem for bringing new IoT products and solutions to the market within mere weeks.

A mature and scalable foundation will ensure that your derived product or service will be flexible enough to adapt for the future business expansion. You won’t get involved into an endless circle of developing unexpectedly required integration connectors, optimizing failed performance tests and designing infrastructural elements. You can concentrate on the business value of your product/service from the very first days.


For more information on features and functions introduced in the recent releases, check the Release 5.5, Release 5.4, Release 5.3, Release 5.2, Release 5.1, Release 5.0, Release 4.3, Release 4.2, and Release 4.1 sections.

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