Integration via Drivers

Except for using the server API and web services, third-party applications can interact with AggreGate using most of the supported protocols.

Depending on the nature of the selected protocol, available operations can be limited to reading/writing values, executing operations or subscribing to events.

  • If a protocol (such as Modbus or SNMP) supports value reading/writing, a third-party system can become a data source for AggreGate, or the platform server can push arbitrary data into this system via write operations. For some protocols, AggreGate server can also "become a device" and service incoming read/write requests by returning or storing custom data.
  • If a protocol (such as SOAP or SQL) supports operation execution, AggreGate can push data into other systems by passing user-defined input into those operations. Operations usage may assume both data acquisition (via input values) or exposition (via output values). In some cases, AggreGate server can play a slave role by responding to operation requests initiated by other software.
  • If a protocol (such as MQTT or Syslog) supports event delivery, AggreGate can forward raw data to external systems via events or receive data from them in the form of events.